Ex-president Kirchner’s cousin arrested on fraud charges

Former president Néstor Kirchner’s cousin, Carlos Kirchner, on Friday handed himself into police and was arrested on charges of fraud. Kirchner was a former assistant secretary for the Coordination of Public Works at the Interior Ministry. Kirchner handed himself over to authorities after a Buenos Aires court issued an arrest warrant against him early Friday. The court also detained five of his cars as well as US$80,000 dollars and 239,000,000 pesos which were kept in a safety deposit box in Santa Cruz Bank in Río Gallegos.“The defendant has made a limitless amount of elusive economic and financial manoeuvres to hide part of his estate and to frustrate the possibility of finding and recovering goods, thus keeping the judiciary from finding approximately  four million pesos,” the prosecutors charged, in a presentation to the courts.The prosecution claimed Kirchner risked fleeing the country because he had previously withheld his true residential address. BOUDOU TO REMAIN BEHIND BARSIn a separate decision on Friday, federal judge Ariel Lijo denied former vice-president Amado Boudou’s request for home detention.Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s former number two faces charges of money laundering to the tune of three million pesos.-TIMES


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